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Simpang Asia

10433 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90034
Wed 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

About Simpang Asia

Searching for "Asian near me"? Simpang Asia has some of the best Asian in Los Angeles. Located at 10433 National Blvd, Simpang Asia is a convenient option that delivers to nearly all of Los Angeles... show more

  • Starters
    • Fried Calamari (Cumi Goreng Tepung)$8.99
      Crispy battered fried calamari with chili dipping sauce.
    • Chicken Sate (4 pcs)$6.99
      Signature Indonesian marinated grilled chicken skewers topped with Indonesian style peanut sauce,
    • Roti Paratha$3.99
      Simply delicious light and flaky paratha bread served with tasty curry dip, Excellent step into your meal.
    • Kroket (3)$5.99
      Delicious potato balls. Battered with light crisp bread crumb and ground chicken filling. Served with side of peanut sauce.
  • Sweets Ending
    • Pisang Bakar$5.50
      Grilled banana with chocolate sprinkles and cheese.
    • Martabak Manis$3.00
      Indonesian pancake slice with chocolate, cheese, peanut, sesame seeds & milk
  • Salad
    • Gado - Gado Salad$8.95
      Indonesian warm salad served with peanut dressing. Morning glory water spinach, cabbage, bean sprouts, cucumber, tofu, carrots, egg, compressed rice, emping and shrimp chips.
  • Tea & Coffee
    • Iced Tea$2.50
    • Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee$3.50
    • Thai Iced Tea$3.00
    • Hot Tea$1.95
    • Teh Tarik Tea$3.00
      Pulled Milk Tea. Served Hot
    • Ginger Tea$1.95
  • Soup
    • Iced Tea$2.50
    • Fried Oxtail Soup (Sop Buntut Goreng)$13.50
    • Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)$12.50
      Tasty and tender oxtail soup. Oxtail, carrot and scallion.
  • Juice & Smoothies
    • Mango smoothies$4.95
    • Avocado Smoothies$4.95
    • Durian Smoothies$5.50
    • Watermelon Smoothies$4.95
  • Side Order
    • Compressed Rice (Lontong)$2.00
    • Coconut Rice (Nasi Uduk)$2.00
    • Brown Rice$2.00
    • Steamed Rice$1.50
    • Chips (Krupuk)$2.00
  • Boba
    • Milk Tea Boba$3.50
    • Taro Milk$3.50
    • Green Tea Boba$3.50
    • Thai Tea Boba$3.50
  • Street Snack
    • Pempek$7.95
      Fried fish cake and egg yolk turnover, served with egg noodles, cucumber, spicy palm sugar vinaigrette dressing.
    • Siomay Bandung$7.95
      Steamed fish cake, chicken egg, tofu served with special peanut sauce dressing and sweet soy.
    • Batagor$7.50
      Fried tofu, chicken and fish pockets, served with peanut dressing and sweet soy.
    • Lemper (2 pcs)$5.50
      Gluten-free. Sweet rice roll with shredded coconut chicken.
  • A La Carte
    • Mild Vegetable Curry (Lodeh)$7.25
      Gluten-free. Chayote squash, string beans and carrot curry.
    • Sauteed Garlic String Beans$8.50
      Gluten-free. Vegetarian.
    • Kale Garlic Stir Fry$7.95
      Gluten-free. Vegan. Vegetarian.
    • Tahu Tempeh Goreng$7.25
      Vegan. Vegetarian. Fried marinated garlic tofu & tempeh.
    • Cah Kangkung$8.95
      Gluten-free. Stir fry water spinach with garlic belacan serve in sizzling hot plate.
    • Salmon Curry (Salmon Bumbu Gule)$12.95
      Grilled salmon steak topped with curry sauce, served over kale stir-fry.
    • Grilled Fish (Ikan Bakar)$9.95
      Grilled whole tilapia with special soy garlic sauce.
    • Coconut Beef Steak (Rendang)$11.95
      Slow cook beef steak curry with bold coconut curry flavor.
    • Steak Balado$10.50
      Gluten-free. Spicy beef sauteed in chili garlic oil.
    • Kalio Chicken Curry$9.50
      Bold and rich flavor chicken curry padang style.
    • Turmeric Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng Kuning)$8.50
      Gluten-free. Turmeric fried chicken, tasty with hint of garlic.
    • Grilled Chicken (Ayam Bakar)$9.95
      Grilled chicken with soy coconut marinade.
    • Ayam Penyet$8.99
      Garlic chicken with spicy chili relish eggplant.
    • Fried Fish (Ikan Goreng)$8.95
      Fried marinated whole tilapia, served with sambal dip.
  • Indonesian Iced Drinks
    • Es Teler$4.95
      Sweet jackfruit, young coconut milk and avocado; mixed together with snow ice and condensed milk.
    • Dinosaur Milo$3.99
      Served iced.
    • Es Cendol$4.25
      Mung bean jelly drink, coconut milk and palm sugar.
    • Es Soda Gembira$3.95
      Refreshing club soda with our authentic syrup.
    • Es Doger$5.50
      Indonesian drink with fermented sweet cassava and young coconut.
  • Beverages
    • Soda$2.75
    • Perrier Sparkling Water$2.50
    • Bottled Water$1.00
    • Young Coconut Juice$3.99
      Young coconut juice.
  • Fried Rice
    • Vegetarian Fried Rice$8.95
      Rice, tofu, mushroom, cabbage, sprouts, carrots & egg.
    • Kale Fried Rice$8.95
      Vegetarian. Rice, kale, mushroom, carrot and egg.
    • Nasi Goreng$8.75
      Bold and delicious Indonesian fried rice.
    • Nasi Goreng Jawa$9.50
      Rustic spicy east Java style fried rice; comes with egg noodles, cabbage, chili, egg, and chicken.
    • Nasi Goreng Jagger$11.50
      Specially crafted, extremely spicy, and hometown inspired. Fried rice, chicken sausage, beefball, chicken, cabbage, bean sprout, chili, spicy scrambled egg, and chips.
  • Tradition Simpang Style
    • Mantep Padang$11.95
      Gluten-free. Simpang fave dish, bold and deliciously spicy. Chicken curry, sambal beef steak, egg curry, kale curry, green sambal and rice.
    • Spicy Nasi Bungkus$11.95
      Our Nasi Bungkus, with boost of spicyness.
    • Lontong Cap Go Meh$11.95
      Chicken curry, coconut beef steak (rendang), rice cubes, vegetable curry, sambal egg and chips.
    • Vegetarian Rames$9.95
      Vegan. Vegetarian rice platter. Coconut rice, tofu curry, eggplant chili relish, garlic string beans & garlic chips.
    • Festival Rice (Nasi Kuning)$12.50
      Turmeric coconut rice, chicken sate with peanut sauce, coconut beef steak (rendang), sambal egg, fried noodle, shredded egg, caramelized emping, tempeh and peanuts.
    • Uduk Jakarta$10.95
      Turmeric fried chicken, crispy tofu, coconut rice, Simpang special sambal, egg, veggies and chips.
    • Nasi Bungkus$11.95
      Gluten-free. Experience tradition in one wrap. Chicken curry, coconut beef steak (rendang), sambal egg, vegetable curry and rice, wrapped in banana leaves.
    • Rames$9.95
      Basic Indonesian rice plate: Lime, turmeric chicken, coconut beef steak (rendang), fried noodle, garlic string beans, chips. Served over rice.
    • Nasi Lemak$9.50
      Coconut rice, chicken curry, boiled egg, fried anchovies, and chili blachan.
  • Noodles
    • Bihun Goreng Special Noodle$10.45
      Wok-fry thin rice noodle. Rice noodle, shrimp, beefball, fish cake, sausage, cabbage, chinese green, and egg.
    • Mie Ayam$7.95
      Garlic egg noodle with chicken, mushroom, Chinese green, scallion, and side of chicken soup.
    • Baso Malang Noodle$8.50
      Street cart beefball noodle soup. Beefball, rice noodle, tofu, fishcake, scallion, crispy wonton skin.
    • Kwetiaw Siram Noodle$9.50
      Wok-fry flat rice noodle with gravy; comes with bean sprout, Chinese green, and egg.
    • Char Kway Teow Noodle$10.50
      Our rendition of profound Malay street food dish. Wok-fry fresh rice noodle, shrimp, fish cake, chicken sausage, chili, sprout & egg.
    • Serendipity Noodle$10.50
      Seafood garlic noodles with shrimp, calamari, fish cake, egg, sprout and cilantro.
    • Bihun Goreng Noodle$8.95
      Wok-fry thin rice noodle comes with chicken, cabbage, Chinese green, and egg.
    • Soto Noodle$8.95
      Lime-turmeric chicken noodle soup. Rice noodle, chicken, egg, bean sprouts, scallion & emping chips.
    • Laksa Noodle$10.95
      Seafood curry noodle soup; comes with yellow noodles, shrimp, squid, fish cake, tofu, boiled egg, bean sprout, cucumber, and cilantro
    • Kwetiaw Goreng Noodle$8.75
      Wok-fried flat rice noodles. Fresh rice noodles, bean sprout, Chinese greens, egg. Choice of chicken, vegetarian, steak or shrimp.
    • Mie Tek Tek Noodle$9.75
      Vintage Indonesian street fried noodle. egg noodles, eggs, cabbage, & Chinese green. Choices of chicken or vegetarian.