• What is Bootler?

    Bootler is an all in one online food and alcohol delivery search engine that aggregates data from food services companies (e.g. Delivery.com, FoodJunky, Postmates, Caviar) and alcohol delivery service companies (e.g. Saucey). Consumers can compare which service has the best price, fastest delivery, and most convenience. Additionally, users are able to see over 30,000 restaurants that delivers food in their city because the list is compromised from multiple delivery companies. Bootler is in 44+ major metros.
  • How do I use Bootler?

    Enter your address and we'll show you restaurants near you that offer delivery. You can also search by restaurant name, cuisine or food type (for example - sandwich). After choosing your restaurant, compare delivery times, order minimums and delivery fees and choose a service on the right side that offers the best deal for you. You'll then be directed to that delivery service to complete your order.
  • Why should I use Bootler?

    We offer three great things no one else has: A. Discoverability & Efficiency. We have the largest selection of restaurants. Instead of seeing one delivery service's restaurants, you can see all 4,000+ available restaurants in Chicago. B. Price & Time Comparison. You get the chance to stack up the delivery services against one another. See who delivers the quickest and for the most affordable price. You can save up to $20 on your delivery by using Bootler. C. Complete Meal Experience. Instead of just ordering food delivery, you can also order alcohol through Bootler.
  • How do I order online?

    Choose one from thousands of online delivery restaurants, then look through the menu and select the items you'd like to order. From there, you are able to see which service is the cheapest and fastest for your delivery. Once you are satisfied with the service you would like, hit the select button and we will bring you to that company’s website to complete the checkout.
  • Can I order alcohol on Bootler?

    Yes. You must be 21 or older. Alcohol delivery is provided by Saucey.
  • Does Bootler cost extra to use?

    Bootler is completely free. Not only is it free, it saves you money by finding you the most affordable delivery option.
  • Do I need to sign up?

    Absolutely not. It is 100% optional. People that do sign up are given promotional offers and discounts regularly though!
  • Is the Bootler site safe?

    Yes. We employ all the security standards you know and love (think SSL), and only share what’s necessary to complete your order on your selected delivery company’s website. And remember we don’t take your credit card information, so no sensitive data is stored on Bootler. Even your email is optional for placing orders. If you do sign up, all sensitive data is encrypted and kept in a secure location.
  • Have a question that wasn't answered?

    No worries, we'll answer any question you have in a Windy City Second. Just email us at [email protected]

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